What our Members say


Insurance that keeps its word

It’s always good to know what other people think and to learn from other people’s experiences. It can help us all make the right decisions in life. And when it comes to insurance, it is particularly helpful to know about other people’s opinions and experiences.  With insurance, what you are buying is a promise, so you need to be confident that the insurer will keep their word.

Here are some of the things that people say about Cornish Mutual.

Blowing House Garage

Everything is taken care of by our Cornish Mutual Policy and I feel in safe hands.

Mark Clayton, Blowinghouse Garage
James Martin & George Pascoe, Phelleigh Way

It made a big difference that our local Insurance Inspector, actually came here to talk to us and see what we were doing. We’ve seen him three or four times now so he knows our business requirements and has given us the confidence to insure with them. We’re happy with the service we’ve been receiving and the face-to-face contact definitely helped our decision.

James Martin & George Pascoe, Phelleigh Way
Andrew & Julie Bray, Tregevis Farm

Cornish Mutual has been absolutely brilliant. There's never any hassle and we've been so pleased with the service all along. If we've ever needed to claim, we've just filled in the forms and it's always settled so quickly. We also know that we've only got to call and anything that needs doing is just done.

Andrew & Julie Bray, Tregevis Farm