Mrs Duval - Home Insurance


Mrs Duval, who lives with her family in the Somerset countryside, has held household and car insurance with Cornish Mutual for the last fifteen years.

They originally chose Cornish Mutual because they had recently moved into an old farm in rural Somerset and wanted to choose an insurer with a specific understanding of rural properties.

Mrs Duval says: “We had just moved to the country from Bristol and it was clear to us that rural properties can have different issues, so it made sense to choose an insurer who understood the difference. In my mind, Cornish Mutual is a specialist in rural properties as well as a specialist in the South West – so they are absolutely ideal for us!

“Another factor that is very attractive for me personally is the fact that Cornish Mutual is a mutual organisation. I think in general all those insurance companies who advertise on television seem very pushy, and that does not appeal to me at all. I like the fact that Cornish Mutual is based on fair, co-operative principles. I feel very comfortable with this approach and, for example, I use the Co-operative for electricity. It is very important to me that Cornish Mutual is a mutual organisation, owned by its Members, and run for their benefit, not for the benefit of shareholders.”

Mrs Duval adds: “As we have household insurance with Cornish Mutual, we are also eligible to have motor insurance with them. We had to make a claim on our motor policy on one occasion when my husband was involved in an accident in his Land Rover. The claim was dealt with very well and we received compensation for the injury he suffered. There was no fuss and the people we dealt with at Cornish Mutual were really helpful and positive. It was a good outcome and we were very pleased.”

“I also love the fact that with Cornish Mutual you can speak to someone friendly who is based in the South West, not in a distant call centre. The fact that Cornish Mutual is local makes everything so much easier and more straightforward.”

“By using Cornish Mutual, I have peace of mind that should I need to make another claim, there will be no quibbling or drama. I feel I know where I stand with them.”