Janice Brown - Home Insurance


Janice Brown, who lives in Townshend, has held a home insurance policy with Cornish Mutual for the last three years.

She says: “I am very impressed with Cornish Mutual.  When I was with my previous insurance company, it was impossible to get hold of anyone to talk to and resolve any issue. So I wanted an insurer where there were expert people I could talk to directly, rather than just a call centre. With Cornish Mutual, it’s brilliant to be able to talk to open, friendly people who explain everything clearly.

“I had to make a claim recently and it dealt with very promptly. I received a cheque within a week! I was extremely impressed. It was certainly very different indeed from all my previous experience with insurers.

“It makes a huge difference to me to be able to understand what you are actually buying when you pay your insurance premium. In my experience, there are variations between insurers and what cover you actually get for the price. Policies can look similar on the surface, but you have to look at everything very closely because there are big differences in how they will actually pay out should the worst happen. The excesses are all different and also the small print. With Cornish Mutual, I know I can ring up and they will tell me exactly how it works and I believe I would get an honest and fair answer.

"It’s not right if you have to argue with your insurer to get a fair price or fair treatment. With Cornish Mutual, I trust I would never have to do that. They are always helpful, fair and straightforward to deal with.”