Reduce your risk | Stay safe and help us all stay ahead If you have already been flooded


If the worst has happened, there are steps you can take to help prevent further damage.

  • Water and electricity don’t mix. Turn off your electrics and get your electrical systems checked by a competent person as soon as possible following any flood damage.
  • Has storm water or sewage entered the property? Storm or river-water flooding may contain sewage. Be very careful with personal hygiene following this type of flood damage.
  • If any important documents or photographs have got wet following flood damage, for safekeeping these can be polythene wrapped, frozen and dealt with later. This will also prevent mould growth.
  • If any furniture is standing on wet carpets, use saucers to prevent water soaking further up legs.

Links to further help and advice

Richfords are available 24/7 to help Cornish Mutual Members who have been affected by flooding call 01209 722522 or email

The Environment Agency

Flood Protection Association

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The Met Office

The National Flood Forum